Clients Challenge.

In the  Spring of 2022, Aston Martin launched the DBX707 Luxury SUV. To champion the strong ties Aston Martin has with craftmanship, luxury performance and refined taste, we want to bring to life a physical media campaign that reflects their core brand values, whilst engaging the few, to influence the many.

Our challenge was to identify a culinary personality that compliments and enhances Aston Martin’s current perception to help deliver the core brand objectives for this campaign.  Chef Tom Brown brought to life the key elements for best-in-class storytelling, enhanced culinary physical activation and other marketing and promotional touchpoints beyond this to drive inspiration and meet objectives

What We Did.

Partnerships & Activations

SALT’s Solution.

SALT created a series of food and beverage touch points across the North East coast of Sardinia with Chef Tom Brown and locavore Roberto Petza, in addition to post event mechanics to drive awareness and create a memorable experience that would live on across the global automotive and media press community.

Working With.

  • Chef Tom Brown
  • Roberto Petza



Starting price of new DBX707


Days of Activations



3.3 sec


A First Class Experience that Starts in the Lounge.

British Airways
A First Class Experience that Starts in the Lounge.

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