Taking the Spirit of Italy to LA for an Unforgettable Evening of Craftsmanship.

What We Did.

Partnerships & Activations

Client’s Challenge.

MR PORTER engaged SALT to produce an experience to celebrate the launch of Kiton on MR PORTER. The aim: to bring together twenty five specially selected friends of the brand in a Kiton-inspired culinary experience in Los Angeles.

SALT’s Solution.

SALT reimagined how MR PORTER creates unforgettable experiences for their VIP customers. Inspired by the spirit and style of Campagnia, home of Kiton, we worked with Sfoglino and Chef Evan Funke –  one of LA’s most in-demand chefs and a master craftsman of authentic regional Italian Cuisine – to create a one off experience that sat perfectly alongside MR PORTER and Kiton’s approach to luxury retail and tailoring.

A true display of artisanal craftsmanship.


The production was immersive, entertaining and authentic. Delivering satisfaction amongst the key stakeholders from MR PORTER in addition to sincere compliments from the Italian team from Kiton – the ultimate endorsement for an American chef striving for perfection when delivering Italian food to the table.

SALT were able to bring excitement, intrigue and high levels of satisfaction to MR PORTER’s guests in an appropriate style for such a notable partnership.

Weeks From Brief to Delivery


Cost of one Vicuna Kiton Suit


VIP Guests


Official Italian Pasta Shapes



Lords's The Home of Cricket.

Transforming the ‘Home of Cricket’ Into the Home of World-Class Dining.

Transforming the ‘Home of Cricket’ Into the Home of World-Class Dining.

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