Five Nights, Five Chefs, Wildfarmed & Friends, Fixing The Planet Through Fixing Food.

What We Did.

Partnerships & Activations


Client’s Challenge.

Wildfarmed asked SALT to work with 5 of the UK’s most innovative and exciting chefs to produce a series dinners designed to bring together chefs and industry folk with the community, to showcase how food can fix the planet.

SALT’s Solution.

Over the course of 5 evenings, SALT engineered a series of ‘blok party’ style events in east London, with chefs dishing out some seriously tasty food made with Wildfarmed flour.

Working With.

  • Silas Yard
  • Thomas Straker
  • Chantelle Nicholson
  • Willy’s Pies
  • Burro e Salvia
  • Flambaster


Five sold out nights, five incredible dishes from five top chefs and ice cream sandwiches, all made with Wildfarmed flour. Housed at Silas Yard, a social enterprise food hub that transforms waste streams into revenue streams. To stay true to the message, waste was kept to a minimum by serving food on plates made from wheat production by-product, which was then turned into compost onsite and the wooden cutlery turned into woodchip to grow mushrooms!

Guests sipped on the world’s first climate positive spirit, Sapling Spirits Vodka and Toast Ale beer, made using surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be wasted. Much fun was had by all and the nights were danced away along with live bands.

Nights and Chefs


Bags of Planet Saving Flour


Blok Party Goers



Wrapping Up The Spirit Of The NBA With Hennessy.

Moët Hennessy
Wrapping Up The Spirit Of The NBA With Hennessy.

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