Taking Flavour from Virtual to Physical.

Clients Challenge.

Adoreum is the leading private club for business professionals and brands, counting over 35,000 members globally. When Covid 19 hit, their usually packed calendar of events, networking sessions and business seminars had to find a new home as well as new ways for the members to engage with each other socially.

What We Did.

Partnerships & Activations

SALT’s Solution.

As well as taking part in Adoreum’s ‘Business Unusual: Hospitality Summit’, which brought together leading figures in the worlds of restaurants, hotels and the wider leisure industries, SALT put together online evenings for members to ‘cook-along’ with celebrity chefs from the comfort of their own kitchens.

Invited members were sent recipes and ingredients prior to the evenings and then joined on the night (usually with a glass of wine nearby…) to cook and engage with some of the country’s leading culinary talent. Hosted by our CEO Andrew, the evenings were hugely successful at making members feel connected to the club and its network whilst physical events were still impossible.

Working With.

  • Neil Rankin
  • Paul Winch-Furness

Celebrity Chefs


Obscenities yelled at the screen


Edible Dinners


Chefs in the making



Global Media and Tech Come Together in China.

Global Media and Tech Come Together in China.

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