Where Rome Meets London, A Dinner For Mr. Porter & Brioni.

Clients Challenge.

To celebrate the relationship between Mr. Porter and Brioni, SALT curated an evening for 25 of their most loyal customers to experience an immersive, first hand visual look and feel of the latest collection throughout Brioni Townhouse in Mayfair, London.

What We Did.

Partnerships & Activations

SALT’s Solution.

SALT and their partners worked to elevate the experience through a number of food and drink touchpoints, from arrival, to structured dining, to post dinner drinks and edible gifts. From concept to delivery, we created and produced a best in-class experience to reflect both Brioni and Mr. Porter contextually throughout.

Working With.

  • Brioni
  • Cellar Society
  • Rollo Skinner
  • Brik Chocolate

Number of Happy Guests


Coveted Blazers


Litres of Negroni Drunk


Threads Counted


Wrapping Up The Spirit Of The NBA With Hennessy.

Moët Hennessy
Wrapping Up The Spirit Of The NBA With Hennessy.

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