Wrapping Up The Spirit Of The NBA With Hennessy.

Clients Challenge.

With the announcement of the global expansion between Hennessy and the NBA, SALT were enlisted to design a gifting experience that would turn heads and ultimately leave the recipients with the inspiration and knowledge to consume Hennessy.

What We Did.

Partnerships & Activations
Data & Measurement

SALT’s Solution.

The objective was to transform the space into a social hub of refined drinking and lovers of NBA and British Urban culture. To create an experience for each recipient that embodied the spirit of both Hennessy and the NBA, going beyond the lines of the court to ensure this side of the pond experienced something that would live on and would embrace the best of Britain and it’s urban brilliance!



The unboxing unveiled the contents and ensured that everything was at the fingers tips, from seamless loading of digital content on mobile and home devices, through to bringing ‘The Spirit of the NBA’ and setting up for a unique Hennessy Experience.

Working With.

  • Hennessy
  • Gigantic Creative
  • The London Essence

Boxes Sent


Alley Oop’s Anticipated


Audience Reached


Bottles of Hennessy Consumed



Where Rome Meets London, A Dinner For Mr. Porter & Brioni.

Mr. Porter
Where Rome Meets London, A Dinner For Mr. Porter & Brioni.

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